Features & Advantages of H DOC Global Program

Q1) What do you mean by H DOC Global Program?

Ans: As the name suggests, H DOC Global Program is a Holistic Development of child Program focused on students of Age group 2- 18 years. The essence of the program is comprehensive health assessment, Individual Student Health Scoring & Reports, School Health Report, Health Education Sessions, Counselling etc.Ans The purpose of H DOC Global Program is to keep students healthy, so they can perform better academically. As per the school requirement we also provide medical room management & diagnostic services.

Q2) Why H DOC Global Program should be included in School Curriculum?

Ans: Students spend about 1/3rd of their time in school. Habits developed at this age have later implications. Along with academics, learning healthy habits will help them in performing optimally. Also school is the right place because any education without health education is incomplete. School also has advantage, as they can showcase this program for comparison with other schools.

Q3) What are the major Health issues of Students?

Ans: Students generally have minor ailments which have wider implications if not prevented at this stage. Also a major undetected issue is psychological health i.e behavioral issues, hyperactivity, mood swings, learning disorders etc.

Q4) Which Check Up's are done in H DOC Global Program?

Ans: General Health check, Dental, Vision, Psychology, Diet, ENT checkup is included in H DOC Global Program. Apart from this, developmental growth, vital parameters like BMI, Pulse, Respiratory rate etc is also assessed. Health sessions like parenting, hygiene, brushing techniques, balanced diet, stress management, adolescence etc. is also included in H DOC Global Program.

Q5) What benefits does School get in organizing H DOC Global Program?

Ans: Schools have several benefits in organizing H DOC Global Program i.e Students perform better if healthy, School can also brand themselves as a Healthy School.

Q6) What is Medical Records?

Ans: This is a platform created by Patient Planet which stores health records digitally. Parent's/School will be given access to record where in student's entire medical history can be seen & accessed in one go.

Advantages of School Health Checkup program:
  • Makes complete medical records available to child/parent/doctor/school administration anytime,anywhere,at the click of a mouse
  • Becomes a central repository for medical data of all students of school which can be life saving during emergencies
  • Keeps the school safe from medico-legal point view
  • Can be integrated with annual medical checkup of students so as to capture all the information immediately
  • Allows the school medical team to do a 'Health Audit' to monitor progress in health of their students
  • Suggests corrective inventions where required
  • Gives parents access to their child's medical records on a real time basis
  • Provides reminders to parents for immunization schedule and other health check-ups of children
  • Inculcates the habit of health monitoring in children and helps them take charge of their health
  • Recent studies suggest that more than 80% of parents do not provide for preventive health check-up of their children for reasons such as lack of awareness,time constraints,etc. We make it easy by bringing it to your school